2004-2006 Travels
2006 travels/news
In September we took a fun trip to Hartford CT and Troy NY for some shows. We brought our Mom and Carter, Meredith's son. It was a lot of time in the car for a 22 month old (and those of us who are older!). Meredith has decided to take a break from performing after we finish our scheduled shows (March 2007). This has given me (Chris) time to reassess what I'm doing with music. I'm hoping to explore some new options as well. However, I realize that it is time to rethink how I'm doing things. Music is such a joy, but we need to ensure we can balance jobs, family and other obligations as well...


In July we played at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. It rained quite a bit, unfortunately, but we did enjoy the festival's new location.


2006 travels/news
On 4/28/06 we played at the Hamilton-Wenham public library, a lovely building surrounded by Douglas Fir and soccer fields. On 4/29/06 we performed in East Bridgewater at the UnCommon Ground Coffeehouse. We had a nice crowd, and a fun show. On 4/22/06, I played solo with other artists at the Carole King Tapestry tribute concert in Titusville NJ. NJ got some needed rain that weekend, and luckily audience braved the rain. I sang with Deb Pasternak, LisaBeth Weber, and Erica Wheeler - all talented artists. We sang backup on each other's renditions of Carole's songs, like "Natural Woman," "Way over Yonder," "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" "You've got a Friend" and "I feel the Earth Move." It was great fun to sing with all these folks!


2004-2005 travels/news
The travels section has been "lean" in 2003-2005, because we haven't been traveling as far as we used to. Meredith and her husband had their first child in November of 2004, and Carter is a happy and healthy baby! Meredith is enjoying being a mother, and I've been getting a Master's degree during this time of less travel.

I started work on a solo album last summer before starting the degree program, but put that work on hold until I finish the degree, which will be this spring, 2006.

Despite these changes in priorities, We always enjoy performing. It is such a joy to be able to connect with people through music and we are so grateful for the chance to do so!


We traveled to New Jersey to play a show April 10 in Flanders. We stopped in nearby Chester for ice cream. Chester has a row of old style shops with wooden porches and big display windows, though new developments encircle this older part of town.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny blue sky day, with crisp spring breezes fading into a long evening. The coffeehouse was in the basement of a small local church in this green Northwestern part of New Jersey. Stenciled green ivy circled the cinderblock room. We enjoyed the show, and saw family and friends on Easter the next day.


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