Because we have added photos to the travels, I have begun to divide them up to decrease file size. The pages do take a little while to download, but not more than a minute or two, depending on your connection rate.

You can read about our travels:

  • 2004-2006
  • Fall 2002
  • Summer 2002
  • Winter/Spring 2002 - including our Northwest trip
  • Fall 2001
  • Summer 2001
  • Spring 2001 Okay - it hasn't snowed for a week. Time to add spring travels!
  • Winter 2000-1 including our trip as finalists to the South Florida Songwriting Contest.
  • Fall 2000 including Meredith with the 6 foot albino boa constrictor.
  • Summer 2000 including Falcon Ridge, Clearwater and Rainforest festivals.


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