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EMAIL - excerpts from e-mail received
Seeing your show at Hartford's UU Church was so awesome. Hearing "Autumn Leaves" and "Old Man in the Mountain" set fire to someplace in side me. I'll be recovering in the Burn unit at Yale N.H. Hospital. It was worth it. I'll see you at the sounding board

in West Hartford. If you have time to write back, I'm not assuming you do, what key do you do Autumn Leaves in? I have a friend in PA whose cousin is Joseph Cosma The guy who wrote that song. When she visited me in the summer of 05 I turned her on to the Eva Cassidy version. Your version took the song up a notch. I didn't think it could be done.

Hey ladies,

I just wanted to tell you that I TOTALLY enjoyed your show last Saturday!!!! Also, I have been playing LIVE on my way to and from work every day this week � that CD is jammin�! I love it!

So, I had a request/question, since I had never really listened to folk music until I went to your last concert at the Grange, I do not have a knowledge base of good folk music. I would like to purchase some folk music CD�s and I was wondering if you could recommend any to me???????


Hi ladies, My husband and I really enjoyed your show this past Thursday at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. It reminded me of how much we both enjoy live performances and should go to them more often! We first heard you a few years back in Needham at a private show for Charles River Watershed volunteers and were very impressed. I've listened to your "Wood and Stone" album many times since. As an employee (youth education coordinator) of Tower Hill since last summer, I enjoy the chance to mix science, education and the arts. I was excited to hear about Meredith's work at Tufts with science and math teachers (incorporating the arts into those disciplines). I also work with teachers and am a big advocate of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary learning and teaching. You two are quite the multitalented pair! Best of luck as your varied careers grow! Sincerely, AP
Hi, Meredith, Just wanted to let you know again how impressed I was at your performance at Stone Soup last night.......... I enjoyed meeting you during intermission , chatting and seeing your baby pics [photos of Meredith's son, Carter].

The harmony in one of your songs really knocked me out especially; I think it might have been 4th or 5th on your songlist ; as a songwriter myself ( I set work of poets for voice and guitar)

I particularly love startling harmonies and I think it was in a song you played with a reference in the lyrics to "Jordan" (the river?) approaching a cadence : Bm - F#7 (with Chris's capo on 2nd fret) .

I enjoyed your little quip with Pete Kennedy about playing in the key of D#minor; Oddly enough I was just that morning putting the final touches on a setting of a haiku by Issa in that key (yeah, 6#s - I'm a glutton for punishment!)

Opening for the Kennedys WOW -it was a truly inspirational evening !!

Turns out I have Saturdays off so I'm almost certain I can make the Glastonbury show.......

Hope to see you there (and meet Chris- I didn't get to meet her last night)

Your new fan, ML (RI)

I was listening to the lyrics of Clearwater this afternoon, and was taken back to the decks of the sloop by that name. I spent a week aboard her in 1982, along with folk singer Larry Long, whom I'd met at Pete Seeger's house previously. On many occasions in the early 1980's I crewed with Pete Seeger as captain aboard the smaller sloop Woody Guthrie. I still miss those waters.

Is the lyric indeed referring to the ship, or to the waters of the Hudson itself? I'm always impressed when a singer/songwriter manages to so transport me to another place and time. DS (MA)

Hello Chris and Meredith:
My wife and I first saw you 3 yrs ago at Harvest Fair, Middleboro, Ma and went this year.
You keep getting better and better. Your harmonies have always been great but now you have diversified and I think you two have not really tapped into all the variety you are capable of.
I bought your Shadyside CD and am amazed at the song"Light A Candle". I don't think anyone but you two can do it justice. Respectfully,
You guys were great yesterday at K and A's wedding. It was wonderful to hear your music and now I'm hooked! I haven't stopped playing the Ithaca CD. I especially like "I Do"....Perfect for the occasion and so much better than all of the over done traditional wedding songs

Thanks for a great set tonight! You two got the only standing ovation of the evening! If they hadn't brought up the house lights, you guys would've had to play another tune. I was hoping for "house divided" but it wouldn't have fit the energy level. You managed to take a pretty subdued crowd and get them extremely excited before the intermission. Great job!

Thanks for a great set! Your version of Amazing Grace still brings goose bumps for me, and got my friends excited about May 2. Thank you.

I look forward to seeing you again soon (hopefully Franklin)... Thanks again.

Peace. SC (MA)

Chris and Meredith - My wife and I recently received a postcard with your performance schedule. We were delighted -and amazed - to learn that you will be performing in Kennett Square, PA, on 22 February. How did you ever get booked into Kennett Square??? We live in Kennett Square and will definitely be at your performance.

My wife and I first heard you perform at Andy's in Chestertown, MD, several years ago. About a year and a half ago, we attended a house concert that you gave in Philadelphia.

When we first heard about your engagement in Kennett Square, we thought of trying to organize a house concert for the next day, Sunday. Unfortunately (for us not you), I saw on your website that you have an engagement in Vienna, VA, that next day. If that booking gets postponed for some reason, please let us know because we would love to organize a house concert.

Kennett Square is 30 miles southeast of Philadelphia and 15 miles north of Wilmington, DE. The next time you are booked in this area and have a free Sunday, please let us know and we will organize a house concert. At our age (early sixties) and with our circle of friends, we would certainly be able to expose you to a demographic group that I would imagine does not make up a large portion of your typical audience.

The three albums that we have of your songs are played frequently in our home and on our sailboat during our summer sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. Of all the great songs you have, my wife's favorite song is "Copier Repairman". I hope you will include that in you show on the 22nd.

L+K f (PA)

Hi Meredith, Thanks for the e-mail. It's always a pleasure to support independent music. My partner & I have been doing that for years... I purchased your latest Cd, "Clearwater" and listened to it for the first time today. A really nice CD! Very pleasant and listenable. You and Chris have beautiful voices and harmonize quite well. Keep us posted as to when you might be back in the area again. See you next time Be well. Peace

G (NJ)

Nice show at the Beal House! I'm glad you enjoyed your tour of lights in the South (Shore). I used to live in Medford, and there's a strip in Malden where it might as well be daytime during December.

I love your arrangements and harmonies, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

B.M. (MA)

Chris and Meredith,

I am so excited to hear that you sold out of your first pressing of Clearwater. I listen to the album all the time. I am so glad I got to meet you both in person and look forward to seeing you all again!!

Have a great Christmas, cherish each other and your families!!

T. (MA)

Loved your show at the House of Muzak yesterday. I'd seen you at Falcon Ridge but only heard a few songs, so it was great to really get the full experience. Please add me to your mailing list.

B.B (CT)

hi, I heard you this morning on City Folk Sunday Breakfast on WFUV. I liked both your music and conversation. I hope to make it to the show in Garden City on 10/18. "Amazing Grace" was beautiful! The harmonies were truly enchanting. I was standing by the toaster, waiting on my put a smile on my morning!

Thank you, a new fan,


Chris and Meredith,

I would like to subscribe to your mailing list. My email address is ***** and my regular mailing address is ********. I heard you Friday night at the concert in Montclair and really enjoyed your music and performance. In addition to your own wonderful songs, I thought you did such a delightful version of Mrs. Robinson!

K. C. (NJ)

Dear Chris, Dear Meredith,
thank You so much for perfectly brilliant Clearwater!!! Splendid work! Incredibly bright impression! We were glad and proud touch Your creation - such sincere, clean and clear. Thank You for piece of Your hearts, contained in Your wonderful music.

Much friendly love from Siberia.
(S T) Siberia, Russia

Was great seeing/hearing you two again - shame your portion was so short- but I was glad to be able to make it- know you reached many there who didn't know of you prior to the show tho- and that is always a good thing.

and now- in an ever continuing attempt to get you to play in the Philly area more- I an forwarding on a couple of venues in the South Jersey/Philly/Dlaware area just in case you may not be aware of them- the first is brand new- think they had 1 show so far- I missed it ( I was at Commonground/Bryn Athyn- gotta get you back there- Commonground is really special! ). Can't be much closer for me- and you would be a "name" for them!

much thanks- -again - great show at the Tin!

aa- P (PA)


Friday night's show was fabulous. "Clearwater" is the CD of the moment for me. After an almost one-year hiatus from seeing you guys (exclusively) perform has reminded me just how moving your music can be ... so much so that I learned the chords to Neruda when I arrived home Friday night (haven't played the guitar in many months). I think that persistence will payoff in a significant way for you guys. Keep up the good work.

D (MA)

Hi Chris,

I'm looking forward to another show at Namaste! I've got a little request - would you and Meredith please play "Hathaway" in honor of the closing of the last brand name shirt factory in Maine this week, and the "girls" (as they call themselves) who lost their jobs?

Here's the NPR story, in case you missed it:

Thanks for considering it.

Also, I heard the "This American Life" piece you wrote Silver Bullet about. Great story, great song. Thanks for so generously sharing your tremendous gifts.

See you soon

S (MA)

On the way home from work today I heard a wonderful promo for your interview this coming Sunday. I'll be sure to listen!

J (NJ)

Thoroughly enjoyed your music (first time) last nite at the Linda Norris Auditorium. Thank you for exciting, energetic, evocative music...


Chris and Meredith,

We first met at Somerville theatre, when you backed up the Beatles tribute band, "Get Back"-about 100 years ago! I just thought you'd be interested to know that my sister had won 2 tickets for Falcon Ridge Folk Festival-but she and her husband couldn't guess who got to go in her place?! Yay!! My friend and I had a wonderful time-stayed in a nice B&B in Copake(I could never pronounce it right!) about 5 miles away from Hillsdale- and really enjoyed your sets-especially the Dave Carter tribute- I thought that entire set-with so many people doing his tunes-was the highlight of the festival. You both sounded great- The whole featival was such a fantastic time- 3 days of peace, love and music (and fattening food!) it was like Woodstock without the drugs-plus I didnt lose my sunglasses in the crowd like I usually do! Well, sorry for the long message-hope you both had a good experience at the festival-We met so people from around the Boston area and North Shore at the Festival (I live in Salem, MA) Maybe I'll catch you at an upcoming Thompson show and (re-)introduce myself- best wishes to you both -bye!

D (MA)

Chris and Meredith,

Thank you SO much for a great show at Passim Sunday! I brought a handful of friends, and they were very impressed!

The two of you really are a tremendous team! I don't know how you keep finding great stories all around you, but I'm very glad you do. Then you find a way to harmonize the story to the sound to your voices - truly amazes me (but I'm probably more musically challenged than Meredith's husband.) Thanks for sharing your gifts - truly a blessing to the rest of us who get to listen.

I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the new CD, and Shadyside (great deal!)

Hope to see you again soon. And thanks,again, for a fantastic show at Passim!

S (MA)

hey Chris,

What an amazing show! For those of us who know and love you, the new material comes like one thunderclap of revelation after another. So much growth and maturity! Such finely-crafted songs! On top of that, the mix on the cd is so warm and radio-friendly -- it really captures the beauty of your voices. What a rich and emotionally resonant thing you've created! I couldn't be happier for you...

thanks for all the inspiration

A (MA)

you two are fantastic. i am going to do my best to be there this sunday. your voices are really incredible, good luck and keep going!

L (MA)

We hope you each had a fabulous weekend and a wonderful birthday! It was great to see you both at Club Passim, to hear you perform, and to get the new CD!...We love it!

As M.H and I told Chris on Saturday, "Wildest Sea" is M.H.'s very favorite and I'm partial to "Seize the Day" and "Neruda"...we also think that the "Tanglewood Tree" is very groovy (despite the fact that you two didn't pen it); I could just list every song...this would be a very long email: All told, the entire CD is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations!

Have a great June! See you at Passim on the 23rd!


P.A. and M.H. (MA)

Chris and Meredith,

Thank you so much for your inspirational music. I first saw you perform in Worcester a year or so ago, and recently discovered your web site and plan on purchasing your CDs. I downloaded "United" from and listen to it constantly at work. I must tell you it lifts my spirit.

I wish you would please come to Worcester, MA more often as it is diffucult to haul my family out to other places to see your shows.


A.H. (MA)

We're thrilled to hear of your planned return to our area! Last year my friends and I really enjoyed your show at the Grateful Bread. If you remember, that was the show where some guy requested that you dedicate your song "I Do" to a couple that was getting married....Well, that guy was me and those friends went through with it in August of last year. The wedding was great and one of the best things was that the bride was so taken by the song that she had it be part of the wedding and their first song at the reception. I thought you might like to hear about the positive ways that your music effects other lives. Thanks !

My friend Scott (the groom) and I are the two guys from Seattle that met you in 2001 while visiting the Boston area for training. Scott, his new bride Jen, my wife Wendy and I, plan to attend the same show this year on March 23. See you then.

P.S. Do you ever cover other artists work? If so, and you are looking for a similar type of song, check out "Since You've Asked" by Dan Fogelburg. It was Wendy and my wedding song - 16 years ago...

See you in Seattle!

C (WA)

Very good news to hear you'll be passing through the Burgh. Hope to hear you. That's the weekend of (or right before) the FT Pitt Tunnel/Bridge *Autbaund* (Pgh accent) closing for 6 months. [INbound remains open until next year] So if you have any tunnel songs... Congrats on the folk festival. Best Wishes


I saw you and your sister at the South Florida Folk Festival in 2000. You stood out and I have notes from that festival that indicate I should have contacted you before this. I will attend your shows at FA and will introduce myself. I am looking forward to meeting you and discussing appearances.


Heard "Clearwater" on the Clearwater Live CD. Cool stuff. Could you place me on your emailing list?



Hello, I just listened to the Clearwater Live Album driving back from Poughkeepsie to Boston this morning. "Clearwater" is my favorite song on the album! I didn't make it to the Revival this year, but my Dad picked up an album for me. I'm so excited that you're based out of Somerville. I hope that means you'll be popping up at local spots fairly often.



Hi, I heard Chris at Porter Square and bought your album--I love it!

She mentioned a Somerville Theater performance soon, but it is not listed on your flyer. Please advise!

Thank you, and as ABBA would say, "Thank you for the music..." (OK, so my kids have memorized every word of Mama Mia, what can you do? That's why I want them to see your show, for the antidote!)

Ezra (MA)


This email is from a group in the Northwest, Equinox, who sing with beautiful harmonies. They asked if they could adapt our song "United", and add some of their own lyrics, and we said "of course". The original words to United were written in 1999, and are about how people working together can make great things happen, like the revitilization of Providence (and their community event, waterfire), coffeehouses where volunteers make a space for community and music (like Stone Soup) and the Walk for Hunger, were 40,000 people walk 20 miles to help end hunger in MA:

United (original words) copyright 1999 by Chris & Meredith THompson

I know a man who says "we" when we talk about changes made to this city.
He says "We uncovered the river, then we brough the fire to the water." I ask him "How did you ever?"
He replies "Together".
United we stand. Divided we may fall but united we stand.

I know some people who say "we" when they talk about the music made in these four walls.
They say "Everyone throw in a stone and there will be soup and music for all." I ask him "How did you ever?"
They reply "Together".
United we stand. Divided we may fall but united we stand.

I know some people who say "we will not let any child in this state go hungry".
"We will walk the extra mile and on the first Sunday in May we'll walk twenty." I ask him "How did you ever?"
They reply "Together".
United we stand. Divided we may fall but united we stand.

Below is the email from Equinox

Dear Meredith and Chris,
Remember us?
I will start by apologizing personally for not being able to see you or set anything up for you last Spring. I hope you had a great time in Vancouver and made some good contacts.

We are all hoping you are well and playing alot and continuing to have fun with your unique and delightful music.

On that "note", I am writing as a representative from Equinox. We have been really wanting to try out a version of your song "United". As we listen to it though, the stories in it are so specific to the communities you know, they don't really speak to us and perhaps not to our audience. We tried an experiment to see if we could come up with some words that would bring it closer to our home and hearts. Beth and Carrie wrote some we liked and now, before taking it back to the group, we would like to ask you if this is OK with you and if we have your permission to use the song in this different shape. Here are a few verses we have so far:

(The story for the first verse is that we recently did a benefit for a group called ADWAS--Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services. We were all moved when the founder got up and signed the story of how she got inspired by hearing about a deaf woman dying at the hands of her deaf husband. She realized, "Why are we waiting for the hearing world to take care of our needs?"

They were the first in the country and have provided the model for 17 others to get started in cities across the nation. They are hoping to break ground on their first safe house in the next two years. The other verses are perhaps more self evident.)

I know a woman who cried "Why?'
When a deaf woman died at the hands of her husband.
She says "We must take care of our own.
Let's build a safe house and we'll make it a home."
I ask her "how will you ever?"
She replies, "Together."

I know some people who must cry
while picking up the pieces of a terrified city.
While they work these words are unspoken.
"Though we may be breakable, we are not broken."
I ask them "how will we ever?"
They reply, "Together."

We live in a world that must try
To find just and humane ways to treat all it's people.
On this earth together we're bound.
Don't let ignorance and hatred bring it down.
I ask you "How will we ever?"
Please reply, "Together."

Please let us know what you think--how this sounds to you. We have had alot of fun with this so far and look forward to being able to play with the wonderful music you have created. We also want to respect your ownership of this most beautiful music-child and make it accessible to more people, maintianing the credit to your song-writing genius.

We hope this finds you well and doing alot of what makes life fun (music and whatever!). We look forward to hearing from you.

Sharmon and the members of Equinox.


You sure did meet us this weekend on the Clearwater. Thanks for being so kind to the Allison and Marq! Talking to you and your sister, and listening to your music, had a big impact on them both. They are still talking about it. They are like sponges at ages 5 and 7, and one of the reasons we seek out things like the Clearwater festival (6 or 7 or years in a row we have attended) and the event last weekend is the great role models they are exposed to in that context. It was great to meet you and Chris, and we hope to see you again.

PS What is your mailing address? We may have some good photos from the trip we could send.

Thanks again, and I suspect (and hope) we will meet again.




Hey Chris,

Just wanted to write and tell you guys were great - awesome show.

See you around,
Jen (MA)



Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing you at Falcon Ridge. Your rendition of Amazing Grace at the Sunday Wake-Up Call was truly amazing. It was my first time and Falcon Ridge and I had a wonderful time. I volunteer at the Mozaic Room Coffeehouse in Avon, and look forward to seeing you there next season.

Carolyn (MA)


I just got home from the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and wanted to tell you I found your music absolutely awe-inspiring. Your rendition of "Amazing Grace," which I heard twice over the weekend, was so powerful, and probably the highlight of the festival for me. Your voices blend so well that, when you sing in unison, it sounds like one person - the last note of each verse was perfect. It gave me chills.... Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your talent. It was truly inspirational, and I hope I have the chance to see you perform again! -Becca (NY)


Dear Chris and Meredeth,

We really enjoyed your show today. I just wanted you to know that your song, Clearwater, is one of the best songs I think I've ever heard. Do you have song books printed? Your music has energy, sensativity and is just fun to listen to. Hope to see you again next year.

Doug (NY)


you guys totally rock!

i live in santa barbara, ca, and sure wish you'd play out here

Dan (CA)


hi, i saw your performance at club passim last weekend and i loved it. I loved house divided and wood and stone. your harmonies were fabulous. you were just ecstatic. my friend, judi moolten and i are running a music venue in newton. we would love if you could perform sometime in the fall or winter. the cafe is spacious and has good acoustics. price can be negotiable. please email me or call me if you are interested in playing.

thanks a a lot.
lauren (MA)


Hi There,

Myself and my Girlfriend saw you two at The Kennedy Center on 4/23/01 and you two were "FANTASTIC". We were really moved by your performance as well. Your use of lyrics and song are quite unique and I hope to purchase a few of your albums over the internet in the near future. I just wish you two would come to California, (preferbly, Newport Beach), so we can see you perform again. Anyway, keep up the good musicianship and peace be with you!




My fianc� and I saw you at a show in Seattle. You sung "I Do" to us. We are getting married in August, and want that song in our wedding. (You made a big impression on us!) I am wondering if you have sheet music we could purchase for the lady singing in our wedding. If not, do you have any suggestions we can give her? We will send her a copy of your CD.

Keep up the good work, and come back to the west coast. We love you out here!

Jennifer (WA)


Hi Meredith and Chris!

What a long way you've come since they day of the release of your first album, back when you were going as Gemin 28 and where your plans of touring the US as folk singers still seemed like a scary and uncertain future! I remember sitting on the second floor of the Big Red Barn, with my friends Adam and Kevin, and falling so in love with "Icarus" and your instrumentation that I just had to have that CD... shame, though, that all my CDs were stolen four years ago, your debut release amongst them. Let us hope that it ends up in the hands of someone who appreciates it.

I'm glad the world of musical perfomance working out for you. I was driving my car to work last week, and heard on WAMU (NPR station in DC) that "Chris and Meredith Thompson" would be playing at the Kennedy Center--I wasn't sure if it would be you. Looking through your website, it's clear that it not only was you, but that it went incredibly well--I'm sorry I missed it.

My best wishes to you, and may the success continue!

Juan (DC)


i contacted anne from falconridge ff, i just said that i was a fan of yours, and that you guys should be there, and she said that u r on the finalized list. yahooooooo. the video that i took of u at the church in nyc came out pretty good. the vocals are a little echo-y cause i wasnt near a speaker. my friend that couldnt come liked it as well. peace.



Chris and Meredith!!!

It was great seeing/hearing you two in Bryn Athyn- it was a great show- just- maybe too short- but I know- Tom Prasada-Rao had to go on too! Actually- you made his show for me when you two accompanied him on several songs!!!

Am planning on seeing you at Titusville Dec 1- but that is a long time to wait! Hopefully- you will also be at Falcon Ridge this year!!!!


ok- again- much thanks for playing the Commonground in Bryn Athyn- and hope to see/hear you again soon!

as always-
pat (PA)


Hey guys,
Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful show. You two are so adorable, and incredibly talented. I enjoy watching people who love what they do. You seem to just get out of the way and let things happen. Your travel journals are great! (by-the-way, nice snake, Meredith.) I've got a photo of myself holding 3 snakes when I was in South Africa, but they were only about 6 inches each. You've got some nerve, lady. Have you ever considered a career in the fight ring? I know a great trainer. Just a thought. Hope your trip back to Mass. was pleasant. I'm sending out a package to you two. I think you'll like it. I'm also going to try and hook up with the Johnstown Chamber of Commerce. The Folkfest is not until September. That's it for now, it was great talking with you again...

...I'll be looking for you in Brooklyn.
Be well,


Hi Chris and Meredith,
We found your website using a search engine (MSN) to see if you'd be back this year to the Clearwater Revival - very glad to see that you will be!

It was nice last year because we sat there and listened to great music without being mobbed in, but I hope more people come to hear you play this year because you have a great sound and write really beautiful songs. We'd heard you singing from across the park and were drawn over by the wonderful music you make. We've also enjoyed the CD's we bought at the festival.

We're looking forward to our second Clearwater Revival (last year was our first) and look forward to more great music.


The DiFeos


Hello Chris,

Thank you for keeping me updated on your performances throughout the year. I've just moved from Ithaca to Albany and hope to see you play more often in Western MA and in the Hudson Valley. I'm definitely planning on catching the Kingston Clearwater show. Your message has an error in it though. The Clearwater Hudson River Revival is Jun 15-16, not Jul 15-16. I wish it was July, because I will have to miss the show again this year due to a course I teach in June. Thanks again.

David (NY)


Will you be in Ithaca for the Ithaca festival this year? My daughters and I sure hope so!!

Paul (NY)


I saw your show at the coffeehouse last night, and I wanted to tell you again how great of a performance it was. I was one of the founders of the original coffeehouse series and it's great to see the caliber of performers such a small place can get. It's not exactly a lively environment, but we've had everything from hard guitar rock, solo jazz piano, improv comedy, and jugglers perform there.

I have already listened to the two CDs I bought, and will be passing them on to friends.

I went onto UBL (which I frequently do when I'm bored at work) to read about artists I've heard about and want to read reviews for. Your names are listed, but as of yet, there is nothing about you on the site. Since UBL's content is user-driven, I added a link to your website onto their network.

If you are interested in having more about your art on this site, I would love to add more content about your work, and of course if I did so, would want to pass it by you first. You guys are great! I hope I can make it to your show on the 1st.

Be well,

Jamie (MA)


Just a brief note to tell you how much I enjoyed your show at the Somerville Theatre on Saturday March 10. Your music truly strikes a chord (pardon the pun) with me -- many minor chords and swirling, beautiful vocals. Your CD "Wood and Stone" is currently the CD of the moment for me.

Wish you both well and hope to catch your show in Weymouth on Friday.

Don (MA)


i just wanna say that i dont like folk music but i heard you guys at the beatlemania show and you guys are great.your sound is unique its like nothing i have ever heard before.and if you guys want a drummer i can play haha.well thank you bye......

Anonymous (MA)


It is we who thank you and Meredith for bringing us such delight over now so many years, starting when you were just kids at Classical. And it has been so wonderful for us to see you grow as artists, and people, over the years. Yours was a terrific performance last Saturday and, together with Mary Ann's fine performance, made a wonderful evening indeed.

We're glad you like our new space. Everyone who comes, artists or audience, seems to share that feeling. And we at Stone Soup absolutely love it!

Thank you, too, for your kind words about us. We do think we're okay and certainly a lot of people tell us that we are and we're beginning to believe them.

And today we took another giant step. We now have our own, completely independent Web site at with individual mail boxes for various functions: booking, tickets, publicity. Also a listserv so we can send e-mail announcements to those who've sign up. You guys could be the very first. Send e-mail to "" and in the body of the message write: "subscribe soup-announce." Simple as that.

Again, thank you for your very nice message ... and, especially, than you for being you. We have loved you both for years now. Peace.

Richard (RI)


You guys were GREAT!
Observing the audience, I could see they were right with you every minute, eating up all the juicy offerings, swaying with the subtle suggestions, nodding to the nuances. I could very much see, also, how they got into the different instruments. The two of you become one with your instruments, and this always captivates an audience, because they may become one with you. Thank you thank you thank you, SUCH a special time!

Very much looking forward to working with you, and many thanks, once again, for an evening of unparalleled enjoyment.

Michele (MA)


Chris & Meredith,
I'd like to thank you for the wonderful time I had on Saturday, The show was great ... the time shared ... even greater ! I know that it is a bit in the future but, let's think about Feb. or March of next seasons schedule for a return booking !! please keep in touch !! Sincerely,


Chris & Meredith,
Do not remove us from your list!!! We love getting your emails! Love to hear what you're up to , where you've been and whenever you're in our area we always do our best to see you. Last time was at Acoustic cafe in Bridgeport. Great show in a crowded place. Made the "squeezed in feeling" bearable!

Your followers,
Linda and Dave (CT)


Hey, Chris and Meredith -
I can't begin to tell you both what an impact you made on our little folk community at the festival - what great buzz surrounding your performances, and so many people are looking forward to your return!

Susan (FL)


a friend (seattle, robyn landis via Pam ) who has heard you at the Grateful Bread, and says great things. we're trying to get to her house concert 2/14, but will see...

i love your touring travelogues with dig pics! also a great way to let out of town people know where to go in foreign cities for fun music spots! THANKYOU for taking the time to do that.

i've taken a lot of dig pics, and end up sending out massive emails to relatives, etc... your way of loading them onto a website is much better.

what software do you use to create the tour logs? MS FrontPage?

might work on getting you booked into the VAA Blue Heron on vashon island sometime.

thanks. hope to hear you soon, and we'll probably introduce ourselves, given the chance.

daniel & jean (WA)


Dear Chris, I loved your rendition of Van Morrison at the United Methodist Church Sanctuary on First Night. I also have to tell you that you and your twin sister were stunningly dressed and your vibes were full of warmth and sincerity throughout your performance.


While I live only 200 miles from Ft Lauderdale, this was my first time to see and feel the SFFF. I was lucky to have been asked to play guitar and sing harmony for my friend Cyd Ward, as well as bass for another performer friend, Bob Rafkin.

I caught your act during the song writing competition as well as the workshop on Cypress Hammock stage and was highly impressed. I'll admit I would not have wanted to be a judge for the competition since there were many and diversified musicians playing very well. Still, I want to say that the combination of you two created for me that rare feeling of "musical high". Ya know how sometimes certain songs, or combination of voices, or guitar chords chosen, or something can create this almost physical slam to the chest? Well, maybe you know or maybe you don't but every now and then I hear something that really gets to my body vibrations or soul or something that I can't find words to describe. Anyway, your music did that to me. Very energetic, intricately woven, well executed tunes.

Hopefully, I've made a little sense here. I know what I want to say, just not sure it's coming across. In a nutshell, the music that you create is truly wonderful and I appreciate it considerably. I'm not saying that you should have won the competition, but that you easily could have won as well as those who did. For my tastes, you should have won but the judges obviously selected highly talented performers who were simply different from you.

Hope to catch you again next year if you're back.

Larry (FL)


Blown away. I was.
I expected the leaves to rustle under the Cypress Hammock as your voices and rythms filled the air. The next time you're in South Florida I wouldn't miss it. Thanks for coming,
Y'all come back.

Scott (FL)


Hey Meredith...

You and Chris were an absolute pleasure to host. And everyone really enjoyed your fact your e-mail was preceded by some nice remarks from folks in attendance. In addition to your music (I really love your groove with the drum!) I was really impressed with your stage presence and story telling...focussed and directed yet very casual and conversational. Everyone really had a lot of fun. I wish you two the best of luck down in FL and with all of your musical endeavors. Perhaps I'll see you guys at a festival this summer or maybe I'll be up in Boston soon... Take care,
Kelly (VA)


is the schedule true? are you coming back to Common Ground/ Bryn Athyn??? their schedule hasn't changed yet- but I have e-mailed them too! Hope it's true- get there early and see the Cathedral- the rest of us will get there early to hear you!

pat (PA)


saw you at First Night...stayed for both performances...were mesmerized....gotta see you again!
Morgaine and Derek (MA)


Dear Chris and Meredith -
Your performance at the Matheson Street Church was wonderful. I must admit I had not heard of you prior to walking into the church. I am a big fan of folk-inspired music (some of my favorite artists include: Janis Ian, the Roches, Shawn Colvin, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Joni Mitchell, Mary Black, Van Morrison) and vocal harmony. Unfortunately, I arrived at the tail end of your show and only heard "Amazing Grace" and the last song you performed (can't remember the name of it ...). I will be purchasing one of your CD's today and hope to see you in a full performance soon. You have a new fan here in Rhode Island.

All the best for a happy, healthy 2001,

Arthur (RI)  

hi there,
time passes by so quickly... the show was great,the atmosphere was awesome and I've been enjoying your cd so much - and I **love** the Clearwater song in every respect... I will try to promote your music as far as I can - over here:) and on all folk mailing lists I'm subscribed to. happy holidays and thank you for your music,
-Reinhard (MA)


I haven't been able to attend many shows, but I just wanted to wish you luck in Florida, and let you know that I very much appreciate receiving these announcements. I usually end up putting at least one local date in my calendar, and even if I end up not being able to make it, I always look very much forward to seeing your shows.

I wish you both every success in the year to come. It's heartening to see the time and dedication, not to mention the miles, you and your sister put into your craft, your art; and for that, and for the music, I thank you.

Have a splendid holiday, bundle up, and best of luck in Florida!

Warm regards,
Jim (MA)


saw you at the spider. we were the people who had been to the fleck concert and spoke to you after your gig. just to reiterate, really enjoyed your work.

didn't know what could top the bela fleck show but your music was the perfect apertif after the show.

thanks again for the music
Liz (OH)


I am sitting here listening to "I Do", my fiancee is asleep in the other room, its 1:30 on a hazy, cold Sunday afternoon. You two have truly touched our lives. Your music has changed our courses forever and for good. We have decided to play "I Do" at our wedding and I just wanted to thank you for your music...thank you. We hold your music in our hearts and we cherish it true.


Dear Meredith and Chris,

Before names and faces blend into the background of time, I wanted to send you some email. I enjoyed hearing you last night; your performance is always wonderful. I also enjoyed talking with you and finding out more about you.

It's pretty clear that your commitment to music is, like you said, a labor of love. Many people who perform such labors never have a chance to know the extent of the effect they have on others. I wanted to take the time to let you know that you do touch people, and not just because you have beautiful voices or because you write beautiful songs. It's also because through you, little pieces of life that might otherwise be overlooked, or be forgotten, or be thought insignificant gain a voice that they wouldn't else have had.

Your songs tell great stories with amazing energy and emotion, and that's quite a gift: we don't exactly live in a time of storytellers. But the stories that you choose to tell really make you special, precisely because you take people's imaginations to new and different places. Your songs reveal a sensitivity to history, to people, to social conscience, and to the everyday wonders of life that's unusual in people our age today; it makes me interested to know how you developed it! When what you say and how you say it come together, the result is very genuine and very moving. It strikes a chord in me, and I'm sure that's true for others who enjoy listening to you.

Mike (MA)


could you please add me to your mailing list, i saw your show in Nantucket and it was amazing! H.D (NH)


My mother and I were at your show in Somers, CT last night and your songs and presence touched our hearts. How fortunate we were to be there to enjoy your talent! I will be encouraging my friends throughout NE to take an opportunity to hear you sing. Mom hopes you get to FL! Thanks again for coming to Somers - I hope we will be on your schedule again next year.
Corey & Marge (CT)


I just saw you guys at the Stone Bone feather fest in amesbury and was compelled to by your cd. it's amazing and I'm VERY glad that I have added it to my cd collection. I'm a female acoustic guitar player and it's awesome to see women who rock up on stage. thank you so very much.  

Hi Chris and Meredith.....

We had a great evening last night....

Everyone raved about your performance and your music....and asked about having you come back again and as I mentioned last night we will have many other opportunities for you....

You made Jean's Mom's night....she was so happy that you sang Amazing Grace...

Thanks again....and take care...

Denise and Jean (MA)


Chris & Meredith, I have been really impressed by two things this year, 1. The Hungry Ocean, by Linda Greenlaw, and 2. Chris and Meredith Thompson. It was very inspirational to listen to the both of you last night at the Round Room. I almost did not come, I was going to chicken out at the last moment, but something won't allow me to chicken out so easily any more. I believe in the power of music and the power of sharing what you feel. It has taken me a life time to get out and share music with others due to a unfounded fear that kept me down for a long time. I have listened to a lot of music over the years and I am not easily impressed, but I was last night. Your styling and sophistication are quite unbelievable. And you kind of kindled a new birth in my self and my abilities as a fledgling entertainer.

It was a pleasure to meet you.

Best of Luck and Take Care, Ken (NH)


Wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your show at Moosewood a few nights ago! We're the couple that traveled from Buffalo to see you (and have dinner at Moosewood, of course!). We also enjoyed talking with you afterward--thanks for staying so approachable for your fans! We really like the Club Passim CD as well. Don't know if we can get to your show in Fredonia next month, but if not we hope we can see you again somewhere soon.

George and Beth (NY)

you're so magical !!! i can't tell you how special it was to hear you so close. everyone loved it.
charles (NJ)


Well i would like to tell you that it was an absolute honor to witness your wouderous set. Your words, music, and voices were as beautiful as the both of you are, your harmonies were outstanding, they seemed to melt together like drops of mercury! I can't wait to see the two of you again, I noticed you have quite a riggorous schedule, so it might be a while before I'll see you, it will be like waiting for chritmas when your seven. good luck to you and may your travels be safe.
Andrew (CT)


Thanks very much for letting me see you this weekend. Sometimes we find peace in the work or presence of others, and it's something I've found with you two. I've always said there are a few musicians who do well to perform music that embodies a spirit that is within me, and you two have done more than just touch on that sound as you mature as musicians. I think it's the sound that an old soul produces. An old soul with a lot of kindness and wisdom in their heart.
Glynn (ME)


Dear Chris and Meredith,
Thanks again for the great show in Rutland this weekend. Many folks were singing your praises (so to speak) in church the next day. I wanted to get on your email list, I can never remember my address, so I hope this will work. Thanks again.
-Kevin (VT)


I am Amanda Hart Schaub's aunt. At her wedding yesterday, your beautiful song was perfomed by members of NBT. I must let you know how incredibly lovely the music and lyrics are, and what a beautiful addition to a perfect day. Thank you for lending your talents!


chris and merideth,

i was able to see you perform at cornell not too long ago and i made the very wise investment of buying your first two cds. i just wanted to let you know how much i absolutely enjoyed your music! i have never really listened to folk music and didn't know what to expect... and i really loved your performance.

'i do' is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard! and i thoroughly enjoy 'home' as does my mom after i let her listen to it, since child #2 will be headed to college next year :)

if my schedule works out i hope to see you perform in the fall in sidney.

hope all is well, chris (NY)


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